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How to clean the machine keyboard?

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The first step: pull cap

First, take a picture for the keyboard, what effect? Behind announced. This product is just a little good long, so it is not particularly dirty, specifically to find the dust and debris, destroyed keyboard. The suspension design, so when the pull or simple cap. But the space and other larger buttons are used to balance the rod, the user must pay attention to the process of dismantling oh.

The second step: clean the keyboard chassis

Cleaning the chassis is still very simple, in the choice of the tool is best to be a soft brush, the size of a brush will help you better clean chassis.

The third step: clean cap

As with the finger contact time the longest keycap, although the surface look dirty, the fact is not like you think so clean, be sure to properly cleaned. Although the mechanical keyboard is not waterproof, but can use the washing machine cap.

Will all the keycap removed into the barrel, add a small amount of cold water (hot water may be the key cap hot deformation), just need to override the keycap can, add detergent, soak for about ten minutes, you can start cleaning the keycap the. After a period of immersion, most of the dirt has been washed off, will cap dry.

Small partners attention, the keycap don't put in the sun exposure, so easy to cause the keycap aging, need to be placed in a cool and dry place. Such as dry towel or in the clean towel, attention should be paid to the internal water cap to clean.

The fourth step: the assembly keyboard

The drying can be carried out after installation, remember the beginning of the keyboard to take the photos? Some users may not remember the keycap standard position, you can install one one pictures. After installed, a new mechanical keyboard to reproduce!

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