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Small hand to teach you DIY mechanical keyboard comprehensive cleaning strategy


Mechanical keyboard comprehensive cleaning strategy

Generally use time more than a year of mechanical keyboard, will in internal savings for a considerable amount of dust, especially the imperial capital of Beijing City, and there are a lot of drop bits of skin and hair, every time you clean up the keyboard needs a certain psychological preparation. Regular cleaning of the keyboard is a necessary choice, whether it is from a health point of view or a beautiful angle. This time to carry out the DIY skills teaching, it is to teach you how to clean up their own mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard cleaning a good helper: pull the key

Because the mechanical keyboard is used in the design of separate mechanical axis, so in the circumstances of the keyboard is more convenient, but we need to add a convenient small accessories: pull out. Key puller that small parts are mainly responsible for the cap and the body axis were separated, the better is conducive to users to replace the cap and other operations.

Mechanical keyboard key puller basic principle is: the bottom of the key cap were stress, thus the keycap pulling from the fixed groove body axis. General key puller is mainly two kinds of design, a is the standard key puller, through a slot to the bottom of the keycap force, and another is design wire, the wire is fixed directly to pull out of the can.

We will first start cap pulled out, in fact is the key is inserted into the cap buckle pull card slot, then pull out. Of course if if you use that we mentioned above with the wire key puller is to fix the wire in cap on both sides of the diagonal position, and then to force filed.

In fact to pull cap does not require the use of much effort, but it is also a careful live, because, after all, we still need to return to its original state. If if you a careful person. The author also suggests different keyboard area to remove the keycap stored separately, this can at installation time, a lot of things.

Remove cap note: prevent injury to the body axis

Now we come to talk about cap removing detail work, because the keyboard main signaling device is body axis, so body axis when removing the keycap must very careful. If the damage to the body axis, we need to replace the shaft body, and also need to re welding work, even if it is returned to the factory repair to involve a warranty. There are bright spots in removing the caps when most in need of attention, first is the attention don't hurt to the body axis, the second is carefully under the keycap satellite axis.

For F1, letter keys and other small cap, as long as we use a key puller pull directly out of the can, only need to pay attention to the direction of the force. We will have a cap area smaller after the demolition, the following began to remove the larger cap.

A large volume of keys in the keyboard, such as Shift, Enter, Backspace, and the space bar, will be used for the design of a satellite. This satellite shaft can ensure that the area of the larger keys in the press of the time to have a consistent feel, but the only downside is to give the demolition caused no small trouble. When removing the keycap, be sure to first understand the keycap position and satellite axis is how to design, and in the demolition of the time must not with great efforts. Although the satellite axis is not a function of the signal, but through it to the problem will seriously affect the feel.

After finish all the keycap disassembly, we get a full keyboard shaft base body, of course, if you if a simple cleaning work basically this is just OK. But actually the hardest hit by the keyboard board is filth, so we can only will further dismantling of the keyboard to clean up the dust on the motherboard.

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