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How to choose a mechanical keyboard for you?


Mechanical keyboard sounds like an old product, but in fact it has irreplaceable feeling has become the new favorite of the current user to chase. However, the selection of the best (or is the most suitable) mechanical keyboard is very tricky, because the current market has dozens of models, different switch (commonly known as axis) type, feel differ greatly. So here, we'll tell you how to distinguish between different mechanical keyboards, and help you find the best fit.

Once upon a time, there was a period of time, almost every computer equipped with are mechanical keyboard, but because each key of a mechanical keyboard use independent of the switch to control the closed, resulting in high cost, so it has been low cost plastic film keyboard replaced. Plastic film keyboard using the integrated design of the sensor, so has low cost, low noise, no mechanical wear, so in the current market penetration rate is very high, basically has been the mainstream of accessories and computer makers are widely used.

However, when the popularity of plastic film keyboard, although people in the beginning is very like this key process, the shape of a mini fashion new products, but found no mechanical keyboard feel. As a result, some of the accessories manufacturers began to produce a new mechanical keyboard, and the optimization and product types to meet the needs of different users. As a matter of fact, not just gamers like mechanical keyboard control precise sense, programmers, and text workers enjoy each and a mechanical switch the sensitive and accuracy, helping to reduce input errors, so the mechanical keyboard ushered in the second spring.

Why should you consider choosing a mechanical keyboard?

Maybe your friends around you have been trying to recommend a mechanical keyboard, they have a lot of advantages, mainly in the following areas:

1, mechanical keyboard can reduce typos. Depending on the type of switch (shaft), you can get different tactile feedback when you press a button when the real feel helps you determine your input. At the same time, supplemented by crisp voice input, in comfortably can obtain more accurate input effect, which is quiet membrane keyboard is unable to realize.

2, mechanical keyboard more durable. Another big advantage of the mechanical keyboard is durable, especially for heavy users. According to you to buy a different model, the button can be used to type the life of tens of millions of times, which is fragile membrane keyboard could be compared. So, if you are a "custom first" user, you will find the film keyboard is very difficult to accompany you for a long time. In addition, due to mechanical design, even if the key is lost can also be equipped with, clean and maintenance is relatively easy to some.

3, mechanical keyboard feel better. Almost every day using a mechanical keyboard users, are unable to tolerate the use of thin film keyboard, it has a better input experience. Each click of the button, you will get a full deterministic haptic and audio feedback, with the passage of time, this kind of tactile and auditory, bring good feelings on the input, and can effectively reduce the typos. In addition, there is even a mechanical keyboard can improve the RSI typing of severe (RSI comprehensive syndrome) remarks.

4, a strong sense of nostalgia. Mechanical keyboard of a final advantage may seem more emotional, but for some users, using this feeling is pleasant, so if you miss the old IBM m keyboard or is the apple extended keyboard expansion, mechanical keyboard is a great choice.

Above is a mechanical keyboard to attract a few parts, of course, not everyone likes mechanical keyboard, will feel they are too big, too heavy, or too expensive price. However, it is recommended that you can go to the computer store to try, through the comparison with the film keyboard, you will immediately feel the difference, perhaps you will consider buying a mechanical keyboard.

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