Mechanical keyboard core why different axis feel different...

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Mechanical keyboard heat rising since 2013, with the improvement of people's living standard and requirements are different, the expensive mechanical keyboard again back to the keyboard market. Along with the rise of e-sports, vendor, vigorously promote add players and enthusiasts, let mechanical keyboard on the awareness and product sales peak.

Compared with single membrane keyboard feel, mechanical keyboard handle, and the abundance of the shaft body and make many novice users feel very strange. Why is there so mechanical keyboard feel rich? This kind of problem. When it comes to mechanical keyboard rich feel, the vast majority of depends on the used shaft body, why not feel will be different between coaxial body?

Mechanical keyboard is the most important part of mechanical keyboard shaft body, the performance of the shaft body almost decided to touch the keyboard keys. Compared with other aspects of mechanical keyboard and the shaft body, importance is much smaller. Before know feel different cause, we first look at the structure of the shaft body.

Mechanical shaft are made: the switch cap clamp cover (axis), base (axis), contact metal cap (axis), spring and switch. Determine mechanical core shaft is the most essential parts and spring. Spring decided to the size of the button pressure grams, spring pressure is the greater the longer the smaller the number of turns. Axis core to determine whether the key has a sense of feeling and paragraph schedule and section number. May be a little difficult to understand for the novice user, through the examples below user can well understood.

Feel is mainly depends on the core shaft and spring, mechanical shaft of each shaft axis and spring are very different, this is mechanical keyboard shaft body feel different.

Main shaft body feel analysis

As mechanical keyboard, and are proud of the many players to have a mechanical keyboard, even novice is no exception. When choosing mechanical keyboard, the biggest obstacle is the axis of the body feel different choices and budget. Mechanical keyboard shaft body rich variety, this should be the biggest advantage of mechanical keyboard, but is one of the biggest obstacles of players choose keyboard. When choosing a mechanical keyboard, user can personally experience the best not coaxial body touch, blindly follow others are difficult to "one pace reachs the designated position", the main shaft body feel about introduction has countless, but I still want to again for everybody introduction, hope to help novice users.

Black shaft without a paragraph, sound is very small, in contrast with green axis (green axis is very loud, when typing "kaka" sound), feel is straight on straight down, down 1.5 mm can be triggered. No matter you want fast or slow input, can freely dealing with black shaft, is fit for this game, but because of its high pressure grams, so more fit with the game, black shaft machinery is most often choose keyboard players.

The red shaft and black shaft feel is similar. But pressure grams is smaller than black shaft, feel more lightsome. No paragraph when knock is feeling, straight on straight down, trigger key synchronization sample is 2.0 mm, or more easily, because the red shaft well both players typing and the requirements of the game, which is formed by the red shaft to finger pressure is smaller, and there is no sense of scale, and players will soon accept red shaft handle. For players often office, CherryMX red shaft is a very good choice.

CherryMX tea axis has a slight sense of paragraphs, use rise is no black shaft straight on straight down, someone will be compared to in the fall of Cherry, combines the characteristics of green with black shaft axis, easily accepted by the public. Axis CherryMX tea is good for both players of the game and typing, but with the red shaft axis is different tea has a slight sense of paragraphs, red shaft more similar black shaft, and tea more Yu Qing axis.

CherryMX green shaft passages are strongest, and noise is biggest, is a representative of the mechanical keyboard axis, need to press 2.4 mm can trigger, typing rhythm, green shaft mechanical keyboard is more suitable for a large number of text entry, the voice of the green axis can be very good to drive up the rhythm of the users, with the green axis unique kaka sound code word is really a great enjoyment.

For just the summary of each axis body just for most users, each has his own personality, demand is also different. Although numerous mechanical keyboard shaft body, but it is hard to want to meet all of the users, and so want to choose their own like a mechanical keyboard or experience a more appropriate, less able to walk many detours.

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