Mechanical keyboard with mobile phone control

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Recently, the famous game peripherals manufacturers Logitech released a new mechanical keyboard Orion Spark G910. G910 Orion spark and did not choose the mechanical axis of cherry, instead is Romer-G mechanical axis, the trigger button in the process of 1.5mm and trigger speed is increased by 25%, and lifetime high of 70 million, than the ordinary mechanical axis to be as high as 40%.

In addition, g910 Orion spark is also equipped with nine programmable G-Keys, and each key also has a backlight function, can set different colors for different regions of the keyboard, the kinds of color reached 17 million. In addition, Orion Spark G910 also supports the use of Arx or Android devices for wireless control through the Control iOS application, while displaying more game information. And in order to facilitate the players to view the contents of the phone, the top of the keyboard as well as a device slot, insert the phone can provide a better visual angle.

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