Why are you choose a mechanical keyboard? What is the mechanical keyboard

2013-2014 mechanical keyboard circle can be said to be flourishing, various keyboards, various axis there are in the line of sight of people. Always in the network to see the news about the mechanical keyboard, there are a lot of information on the mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard is a branch of the keyboard, the thin film keyboard is also a keyboard, the keyboard is also a keyboard. But why now users pay more attention to the mechanical keyboard, what are the advantages of mechanical keyboard?

Believe that the majority of users want to buy a mechanical keyboard is a rich and excellent feel of the mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard feel rich, the shaft body types, there is more room for the user to choose.

Take the mainstream of the four axis body, black shaft has a greater stress triggers, press requires the use of more effort, feel straight up and down. When you press the button can feel from spring greater resilience, handle heavier; red axis feel equally above and below, but in the feel but more light, the red axis spring for black shaft internal spring, feel with the red axis no difference, also can say red axis is a lightweight version of black shaft.


Tea shaft has been netizens called for universal shaft, tea axis is paragraph trip short (tea shaft passages travel was 1.25 mm), with only the slightest paragraph, is in the process of the use of "click", if the rapid and vigorous percussion tea axis, this paragraph sense and even easy to be ignored, if cancel paragraph sense, basic and red axis is tantamount to.


Green axis is the mechanical axis of the personality is the most distinctive body axis, the green axis button in the press to than the red axis and tea axis feel lighter and trigger a travel more than 0.2mm, the green axis paragraph itinerary was 1.75 mm, longer than a paragraph itinerary tea axis. In the process of using, the whole will be accompanied by a "clicking" sound.


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