Fingertip touch! Large analysis of mechanical keyboard with full key switch

Tip touch

As an important input device of computer system, the mechanical keyboard appears early in the keyboard.

In the early stage of the computer peripheral keyboard has appeared a mechanical keyboard, have experienced a period of prosperity, which has excellent feel quality and reliability. But then due to the high cost of the price, it was soon replaced by cheap and thin film keyboard, mechanical keyboard is covered in the film keyboard in the vast sea.

Mechanical technology! Ten mainstream mechanical keyboard analysis


But mechanical keyboard is not forgotten, has been as a minority group of high-end products on behalf of the development to today, mechanical keyboard itself characteristics is cannot be submerged cannot be substituted films, so mechanical keyboard experienced prosperity and decline, development to the present situation is, more and more high-end PC users and gamers, to use keyboard input comfort, handle and quality put forward higher requirements, the invincible hand of the mechanical keyboard has once again become the high-end users and gamers preferred target, mechanical group will begin to slowly expand open prosperity advent.

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