How to maintain the mechanical keyboard? The special high electron weapon

Method 1: no keyboard remember cloth or a bag cover, both waterproof and anti dust. The dust on the mechanical switch has an important influence, from the keyboard using the feedback, the key failure is due to the switch in the backlog caused by the dust, I hope you can properly take care of their own keyboard, do a good job in preventing the grey.


Method 2: using keyboard avoid liquid splash, water will lead to mechanical keyboard of short circuit, light caused by the key failure, burned circuit board and chip, causing irreparable serious consequences.

Method 3: keyboard as far as possible in the fixed on the host computer using, because the voltage of the computer motherboard, keyboard interface, plug the keyboard in the moment is not stable, may because of the voltage or electrostatic breakdown of keyboard "CPU", the correct approach is before starting the keypad is connected to the computer, and in front of the access with the conductive metal near the interface electrostatic let go.

20150627_154704 拷贝.jpg

Method 4: each use keyboard as far as possible to clean their hands and the nails manicured. Only in this way can the keyboard for a long time to keep clean and prolong the keycap of life, mimeographed screen word easy to fade, pay attention to clean can greatly extend the printing time of attachment.

Method 5: no professional equipment try not to forcibly pull open cap, uneven force of pull key of mechanical axis is fatal injury, should seriously affect the feel, if to explore what can purchase related accessories (even with professional equipment, it is strongly recommended to avoid repeated unplug).

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