All mechanical keyboard key shaft switch parsing

 All mechanical keyboard key shaft switch parsing

Foreword: the fingertips touch

As an important input device of a computer system, at the dawn of the keyboard has been mechanical keyboard.

At the dawn of computer peripherals keyboard has been mechanical keyboard, experienced a boom, it has a good feel is quality and reliability. But then due to the high price cost, quickly replaced by a cheap membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard submerged by membrane keyboard in the vast sea.

Mechanical technology! Ten major mechanical keyboard full analysis evaluation

Mechanical keyboard has not been forgotten, but has been as a representative of the minorities in the high-end product development today, the characteristics of mechanical keyboard itself cannot be submerged cannot be replaced by thin film, so the mechanical keyboard has experienced prosperity and decline, the present situation of the development to the present, more and more high-end computer users and game players, the use of the keyboard comfort, handle, quality put forward higher requirements, with mechanical keyboard feel once again became the target of choice for high-end users and game players, machinery group will slowly begin to expand open, prosperous return.