Why choose mechanical keyboard? Mechanical keyboard is good

Why choose mechanical keyboard? Mechanical keyboard is good

2013-2014 mechanical keyboard circle can be said to be the flowers, all kinds of keyboard, all sorts of shaft are in the line of sight of people. Always see the news about mechanical keyboard in the network, also have a lot of information about the mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboard belongs to a branch under the keyboard, the membrane keyboard and keyboard, electrostatic capacitive keyboard and keyboard. But why now users pay more attention to mechanical keyboard, what is the advantage of mechanical keyboard?


Believe most want to buy a mechanical keyboard users are at mechanical keyboard is rich and good touch feeling. Mechanical keyboard is rich, the shaft body species diversity, more can let the user choice.

And then take the mainstream of the four shaft body, black shaft with greater trigger pressure, press the need to use more energy, feel is straight on straight down, can feel when press the button from spring greater resilience, feel heavier; Under the red shaft above the same feel, but it takes a lighter touch on, the black shaft within the spring into the red shaft spring, feel is basic no difference with the red shaft, also can say red axis is lightweight version of the shaft.


Tea shaft has been called universal shaft, netizens tea axis is the feature of paragraphs shorter ones in the paragraph (tea axis stroke is 1.25 mm), only a slight sense of paragraphs, is in the process of using the "cut", if quickly and vigorously tap tea axis, this paragraph are easy to be ignored, even if cancel the paragraph, basic and red axis.


Green axis is the mechanical axis of personality is the most distinctive shaft body, green axis button when pressed than red shaft axis and tea feel lighter, trigger schedule more than 0.2 mm, green shaft passages travel is 1.75 mm, longer trips than tea axis paragraph. In the process of use, will be accompanied by all the "click" sound.