How to maintain the mechanical keyboard?

How to maintain the mechanical keyboard?

Method 1: the keyboard when not remember a cloth or bag cover, both waterproof and dust proof, the dust has important influence to the mechanical switch, from the perspective of the feedback of the keyboard, button failure is caused by the switch inside backlog of dust, I hope you can properly take care of your own keyboard, to do a good job of the ash.

Method 2: when using the keyboard to prevent liquid from entering the, can lead to mechanical keyboard short circuit, light failure cause buttons, or burn out important chips, circuit boards and cause irreparable consequences.

Method 3: the keyboard used in fixed on a host computer as far as possible, because the computer motherboard keyboard interface voltage, at the moment of inserted into the keyboard is not stable, may be because of voltage or electrostatic breakdown keyboard "CPU", the reason is the right thing to put before starting the keyboard connected to the computer, and before the access with metal conductive material near the interface of electrostatic put off.

Method 4: try to clean hands before each use of the keyboard, and nail trim level off, can make the keyboard can keep clean and tidy and can prolong the life of the key cap, screen mimeograph words easy to rub off, pay attention to clean can be greatly prolonged printing adhesion.

Method 5: no professional equipment as far as possible not to unplug keyboard, uneven when pull out key way of mechanical axis is fatal damage, should be seriously affect the handle, if don't want to find out, can buy related accessories (even with professional equipment, it is strongly recommended that avoid to pull over and over again).